The post of hygiene applies entirely to the observance of communion. Contrary to its name, communion isn’t very communal at all. Perhaps due to the nature of individualism more prevalent in Protestantism over Catholicism, Lutheran communion is slightly different than the one given in the Catholic church.

The Catholic WayThe Protestant Way

The Catholic Way vs. The Lutheran Way

While the Catholics administer communion wine in a communal goblet/chalice/pimp cup that is sanitized for your protection with a simple wipe of a cloth between drinkers, the Lutherans give everyone wine in a plastic mini-shot glass, just like how Jesus did it himself. This way, no germs are spread and the church garbage can is full of plastic slathered in the blood of Jesus Christ. Luckily, unlike the Catholics, Lutherans don’t believe in transubstantiation, feeling that communion is done for the sake of commemoration.

I’d really like to see a study conducted to see who is more likely to be sick on Monday, Catholics or Lutherans. Also, if a Lutheran attends a Catholic service ( because they’re likely visiting their part-Irish cousins) and they say they won’t participate in the communion because they feel like they’re intruding, it’s only because they’re afraid of getting someone else’s germs.

Also, what’s the deal with those little papery wafers?


One Response to “Hygiene”

  1. Anonymous

    Boy, you really haven’t been in a Lutheran church lately, have you? I’m ELCA, and most of the Lutheran churches I’ve been in have mostly moved to using real bread and long ago discarded individual glasses. As a long-time Altar Guild member who’s done research on this, the common cup is healthier—it’s hard to properly clean and sanitize all those glasses, and the gold lining of the chalice has antiseptic properties. And it’s not so much the drinking from the cup that’s the problem, it’s people’s fingers going into the wine when they intinct the bread.

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